Male Breast Reduction

If you’re a man with abnormally large breasts (a condition called gynecomastia), you may feel held back by your body. An undesirable chest contour can affect a lot more than the way you look, also preventing you from fully enjoying your favorite activities and impacting your romantic relationships. Gynecomastia isn’t always caused by excess fat, so it’s not often easy to resolve it on your own. For these patients, Dr. Christa Clark offers male breast reduction surgery to treat gynecomastia in the Folsom and Sacramento area, helping men to achieve a natural-looking, masculine chest.

Dr. Clark takes the time to get to know you in order to understand your lifestyle and your needs. She is committed to helping you achieve a result you will love. Contact us for more information about Dr. Clark or the procedures she offers.

Is Male Breast Reduction for You?

Many different factors can contribute to the development of male breasts, including medications, heredity, hormones, and metabolic disorders. In order to effectively address your concerns, Dr. Clark will perform a thorough physical examination during your consultation. She’ll also review your medical history to help her develop a comprehensive surgical plan.

Because male breast reduction surgery usually involves removing glandular tissue along with excess fat, the condition will not return after surgery. Good candidates for male breast surgery at our Folsom clinic are men who are at or near their ideal weights but are bothered by excessive breast tissue. Patients should be generally healthy and refrain from smoking for several months prior to the surgery.

Male Breast Reduction Explained

Dr. Clark will work with you to develop a surgical plan that effectively addresses your specific concerns. Depending on your condition, Dr. Clark may perform liposuction as part of your surgery to remove fat in addition to excess breast tissue. She may also remove excess skin in order to ensure that your results are as smooth and natural-looking as possible.

During male breast reduction on Folsom and Sacramento-area patients, Dr. Clark usually makes a small incision around the areola that blends well with the surrounding skin after it heals. If liposuction is also performed, she makes small, discreet incisions in the underarm area. The location of these incisions, coupled with Dr. Clark’s surgical skills, ensures that the resulting scars will be nearly invisible once they’ve fully healed.

Recovery and Results

Dr. Clark performs male breast reduction as an outpatient procedure, so you’ll be able to go home a few hours after surgery. Following your procedure, you’ll be advised to relax at home for 5 to 7 days. Dr. Clark will provide you with a specialized compression garment to prevent swelling and to support your chest while it heals. This garment can be hidden under normal clothing and should be worn for about a month. Most patients can ease back into their normal gym routines after 2 to 3 weeks. Pain and soreness may be present for several days and can be easily managed with prescribed and over-the-counter medications.

Once the healing process is complete, you can enjoy newfound confidence with your flat, masculine chest contour. The results of your male breast reduction surgery can be permanent if you maintain a steady weight and commit to living a healthy lifestyle.