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Paris for the Weekend!

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Can Paris be seen in three days? You bet! After arriving in the City of Love and unpacking, we were off to a Tasting Tour! We visited multiple chocolate shops and I kept sampling to the point of asking the salesperson to put it in a to-go bag! (Yes, you can eat too much chocolate.)… Continue Reading »

Nice Job Dragons!

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The Dragons played the other night and I just want to say: “Wow!” What a game! The team came together and pulled out a great win. Nicely done 4.2.16 Dragons Game 066Dragons!

Goal: Lose Weight. Can an App help?

Since last August, I have become a huge fan of exercise and personal fitness. In August,  I began to work out at a gym and with a personal trainer three to four days a week.  By doing so, I have made a commitment to fitness and by default, healthier eating habits as well.  I am a fan of the Whole30 approach and… Continue Reading »

Recovery After Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation has become one the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the United States. Last year in 2015 over 300,000 surgeries were performed. I personally perform about 25 – 30 breast augmentation surgeries per month. The recovery time for this surgery can be on the simple side, compared to say a Tummy Tuck. That being… Continue Reading »

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