Dr. Clark’s QA on RealSelf.com


Questions? It’s not unusual to have questions when you’re considering plastic surgery in the Sacramento area. Even after surgery, questions often come up about the healing and recuperation process. Dr. Clark frequently joins in the discussion on RealSelf.com to answer questions posted online. Here’s what she has to say:


Q&A with Christa Clark, MD, FACS

I Have Droopy Areolas! What Can I Do to Fix This?

A small incision that follows the bottom of the areola and takes a little crescent of skin out of the areola would be a way to tighten that skin a… Read more »

How Long Should You Stop Smoking Before Tummy Tuck?

I would stop the smoking, nicotine gum, and any nicotine patches for AT LEAST 4 weeks prior to surgery. The nicotine will constrict blood vessels and… Read more»

Is It Safe to Have a TT and Breast Implants at the Same Time?

Performing a breast lift with augmenation at the same time as a tummy tuck is safe and many times one recovery is more convenient and a bit easier for… Read more»

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